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We are an independent boutique law firm with offices in major cities round the world. We are trusted to meet both the diverse needs of business clients around the world and those of law firms without a permanent footholds in their respective base of operations.

We successfully satisfy the high expectations in quality of service of our clients, without the heavy fixed costs and administrative constraints endemic to most other law firms.

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Family Law

Experienced family and inheritance lawyers who can represent your interests in a wide range of matters.

Litigation & Arbitration

We have substantial experience in assisting clients in court and arbitration proceedings.

Business Law

Matt Harold Law Firm provides dedicated support to any sort of business or commercial entity.

Criminal Law

Our team can assist you in all phases of the liquidation process in the entire Europe.

Fraud Investigation & Recovery

If you have been victimized by a business partner, employee, competitor, or other individual.

Real Estate Law

We assist clients with all aspects of such a purchase, including issues relating to title, tax implications of the purchase

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Business Accounting

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Business Accounting

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As “lawyers” providing legal advice in a timely, flexible and cost-effective manner, Matt Harold Law Firm offers a substitute to a Brussels or Paris office for international law firms.

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